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Shantae: Risky's victory
Shantae could not believe how easily she was duped. After finally getting those 3 magic seals, she had to be tricked by that pesky Risky Boot, who stole them as a ransom for her Uncle Mimic's safety.  She only hoped she was not too late to stop whatever Risky Boot was planning with that lamp and those seals.
Shantae finally caught up with Risky, who seemed to be actually waiting for her to arrive, her hand on her hips while the other was holding the lamp, which seemed to be glowing now for some reason. "What did you do to this lamp?" Shantae asked, with cautious and wary tone, not liking at all the unknown factor displayed by the shining object. "I only activated the three magic seals, thereby making sure the lamp I now hold can finally complete my plan" replied Risky with a confident, almost pleased tone. Soon after her reply, Risky moved her hand from her hips and began to rub the lamp while watching Shantae with an interested look on her face.
Shantae begun to feel strange
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My Skylanders so far
I've been wanting to do this for sometime, but never got the chance until now. Here is a snapshot I took of all of the Skylanders figures I got so far. They are Spyro, Trigger Happy, Gill Grunt, Stealth Elf, Ignitor, Dark Spyro, Zap, Whirlwind, (I got her from a Target store.) Drobot, (got him from Target too.) and Sonic Boom. I may update my pic whenever I get more Skylander toys

Skylanders rightfuly belongs to Activision

12/4/2011 edit: I've got new Skylander toys now. They are Flameslinger, Chop Chop, Boomer, Dino-Rang, (I couldn't find Hex, dang it) Legendary Spyro, Legendary Chop Chop and Legendary Bash.

12/31/2011 edit: I finally got Hex to my collection, Hurray! ^__^ In addition, I also got Wrecking Ball, and the Pirate Seas Adventure pack with Terrafin, Pirate Seas, Hidden Treasure and Ghost swords, Oh, I heard that Cynder will finally arrive some point in January. I can't wait to get her. ^^

2/8/2012 edit: Hey, guess what? I finally got my hands on Cynder! ^__^ (and the Empire of Ice adventure pack with Slam Bam.) I love Cynder so much, to prove this, I decided to put her right next to Spyro. So am I done with my collection? Well..... not quite yet. There are still more Skylanders I want, but I'll start playing the Skylanders game now since I now have Cynder in my collection.

3/26/2012 edit: Hey guys. I wanted to let you know that I now have two Skylanders to my collection. Eruptor, who I got some time ago and the Darklight Crypt adventure pack with Ghost Roaster. I'm gonna see if I could get Double Trouble through ebay as well. Speaking of Ebay, I noticed that Cynder is getting cheaper now on Ebay, but Zook, Lightning Rod and Sunburn (with Dragon's peak) is very expensive. I guess it's because they are the newest Skylanders avaliable. Also I noticed that Voodood is pretty rare to find in stores and Ebay. In fact he's more common in triple packs in in single packs. Yeah, it kind of bites.

4/24/2012 edit: Yep, I now have Double Trouble and the Dragon's peak adventure pack with Sunburn and Sparx. As a result, I decided to put Sparx in front of Spyro and Cynder and relocate all the items and adventure packs a bit. First I want to say, I cannot believe This snapshot is the most viewed, faved and talked about of all time in my account, thank you all so much. ^__^ Should make a slightly different snapshot of this in my 2nd account :iconsupersmashcynderlum: as well? However, I'm not buying anymore Skylanders for at least 2 months because I want to save my money to buy my Nana a birthday gift and I want to buy the new Pokemon Conquest game for the DS in June. It may actually be a good thing because I noticed that both Camo and Warnado are very expensive. Ouch.

6/9/2012 edit: I ordered Voodood and Legendary Trigger Happy some days ago and now I just got them Yesterday. Hurray! My collection is so huge I took multible attempts to take the perfect snapshot of them. I just need Camo and Warnado now. I don't think I want the other Skylanders now. (I may get some cheap ones if I find them at stores, etc. and I may get the zook remodel when Skylanders Giants comes.) Oh, I do not want the sidekicks that are coming in July, I think they are really unnecisarry.

6/26/2012 edit: Finally, I got the last two Skylanders that I really want: Camo and Warnado. ^__^ I'm gonna take a break from Skylanders collecting until Skylanders Giants comes out. Oh, by the way, I'm not gonna update my collection here anymore. When Skylanders Giants comes out I'll update my collection in my new account :iconsupersmashcynderlum:. Well, enjoy my collection. ^^

11/20/2012 edit: Ok, I said I wouldn't update this pic in this account anymore. But because I updated my collection in my :iconsupersmashcynderlum: with a pic on the top view instead of a front view and I liked the previous pic because of this. I'm putting my 2nd latest update pic here. I probably won't update again, unless something else comes up. The Skylanders I have here are: Tree Rex, Crusher, Series 2 Cynder, Jet Vac, Pop Fizz, Series 2 Ignitor, Chill, Series 2 Whirlwind, Fright Rider, Series 2 Zook, Series 2 Bash and Flashwing. Enjoy my newly updated pic.

2/7/2013 edit: Well, since Skylanders Swap Force will be coming, I decided to update this snapshot after all, reguardless of whether I get Swap Force or not. The Skylanders I now have in this snapshot are Series 2 Sonic Boom, Series 2 Hex, Sprocket, Series 2 Gill grunt, Series 2 Double Trouble, Series 2 Zap and Hot Dog. ^^ I also have the Scorpion Striker Catapult too. YY

3/6/2013 edit: Since I've moved back into my Original account, I figured I may as well update this pic to my current collection. Here I have Stealth Elf (series 2) Terrafin (Series 2) and Eye Brawl. (Giant). My collection just keeps growing and growing. ^__^

3/26/2013 edit: I am so lucky this month, I not only got Series 2 Spyro, I also managed to get Ninjini my favorite Giant besides Eye Brawl too! ^__^ While there are still other Skylanders I want, since I got all my favorites, I'm not gonna go Skylanders hunting as much. I wanna spend my money on other stuff I want (maybe new Sonic toys, old video games from Ebay, etc.) unless Swap Force turns out ot be better then I think. of coarse. XD

8/14/2013 edit: It's been such a long time since I updated my collection. So in order to keep this account somewhat active and celebrate the upcoming Skylanders Swap Force Here are my following additions: Drill Seargent (Series 2) Jade Flashwing, Flameslinger (Series 2), Lightcore Eruptor, Lightcore Prism Break, Lightcore Jet Vac, Molten Hot Dog, Polar Whrlwind and Series 2 Eruptor. Hope you enjoy my updated collection everyone. ^__^

12/27/2013 edit: My hopefully final update for my Skylanders collection on this account. (That is, unless there's a Skylanders 4 and I like it.) I now have Legendary Lightcore Chill in my collection. (I have Thumpback too, but he isn't in the snapshot.) From now on, I'll update my collection in my :iconsupersmashcynderlum: account and most of the Skylander updates will now be based on Swap force. I hope you enjoy my Skylanders Giants Collection everyone! :)

3/1/2014 edit: I was kind of hoping I would edit this pic at all or at least not until there's an announcement on Skylanders 4, but I unexcpectenly got the Dragonfire cannon battle pack at gamestop last night. Plus, since there's an offcial contest where you have to give a few Skylanders for Skylanders 4 a name, I decided to go ahead and update this old pic in preparation.

Ok, here's what I got for Giants toys.: Thump Back, Series 2 Chop Chop, Shromboom and the Dragonfire Cannon.

And here's what I got for Skylanders Swap force toys: Wash Buckler, Blast Zone, Magna Charge, Fire Kraken, Night Shift, Mega Ram Spyro, Phantom Cynder, Ninja Stealth Elf, Roller Brawl, Lightcore Warnado, Zoo Lou, Punch Pop Fizz, Lightcore Flashwing, Star Strike, Blizzard Chill, Lightcore Wham Shell and Smolder Dash. (I plan to also get Scorp somtime.) Hope you enjoy my huge update everyone. ^^

5/26/2014 edit: Whew, I have really updated since the past few months or so. My collection is now so big that I had to take the snapshot of it from a different angle. But this shouldn't be too much trouble for you all, right? Anyway, here's what I have in my collection now:  Scorp, Hyper Beam Prism Break, Scratch, Fire Bone Hot Dog, Punk Shock, Freeze Blade, Horn Blast Whirlwind and Big Bang Trigger Happy. Hurray!!!! :D

8/2/2014: Oh boy! I really have outdone myself this time. :) Last night I managed to get myself not one new skylander but two! :D I now have Anchor's Away Gill Grunt and Trap Shadow into the collection now. :D I think this will be my last Skylanders for my swap force collection. (unless I have extra money lying around.) So I'm not gonna go crazy for Skylander spending ever again......that is unless Skylanders Trap Team has Skylanders I really want. Thank you for all your support everyone. :)

9/29/2014: Oh my! I seemed to got myself a few more Skylanders then expected. (just in time for my birthday too.) I have now added to my collection Enchanted Start Strike, Heavy Duty Sprocket, Twin Blade Chop Chop and the latest one Rip Tide. I keep outdoing myself everytime. Hopefully this will be my last update to my Swap Force collection. (I hopefully update with Trap team figures from then on.)

1/27/2015: Heh heh, yeah, I said I wouldn't update this pic anymore unless a new Skylander game is announced, but because I have a new Swap Force figure, I'm gonna make this update an exception. I now have with me 
Dune Bug, Snap Shot, Wildfire, Krypt King, Funny Bone, Food Fight, Tidal Wave Gill Grunt (only series 4 figure. ), Torch, Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz, Mini Jini, Spry, Eye Small, Hijinx, Nightmare Express Adventure pack with Blades, Mirror of Mystery Adventure pack with Deja Vu, High Five, Elite Spyro, Elite Whirlwind and some traps to trap villians. (Water, Earth Life, Undead, Fire and Magic. (They aren't pictured.)) Hope you enjoy the update everyone. :)

03/7/2015: I got some more Skylanders with me now. I now have in my collection Dark Mega Ram Spyro, Series 1 Bash and Pop Thorn. :) I was really lucky to find them at Gamestop even if they are preowned. ^^ Can't wait for Echo and Spoltlight to be released though. ^^

03/22/2015: Woohoo!!!! I finally did it! I finally managed to get both Spotlight and Echo into my collection at the same time yesterday! And if that wasn't sweet enough, a few weeks ago, I also managed to get into my collection Hog Wild Fryno into the pack too. Yes! Hurray!!! :D Oh, as some of you may have noticed, I got booted out of my :iconsupersmashcynderlum: account and I can't get back in for some reason, no matter how many times I reset my password. :( So now I have a 3rd backup account called :iconvampirehoodlumcynder:. This ended up getting me to think. I'm kind of tried of flip flopping updates to each different account. I have now realised this pic in my old Imthecutest1238 account will always be the most popular one no matter what, so from now on, I'm bringing all of my Skylander collection updates right here. Hope you'll be ok with that everyone. ;)

4/20/2015: Hey everyone! I not only managed to get for myself two new Skylanders (Tuff Luck and Sure Shot ShroomBoom) but I also finally got a tech Trap. :) (Smile) Yay!!! Now I can get all of the Doom Raiders now. ^^ Now all I need is a Kaos trap and I'll be truly all set in capturing villians. ^^ I want to get Breeze and Pet Vac next, but they are so hard to find in stores and I'm a bit afraid to use Ebay since theres a chance I may get ripped off again. :( (Sad) But whatever happens, I'm sure my Skylander collecton will keep on growing. Wish me luck.

5/20/2015: Holy crap! I have not updated this in like a month! I'm really sorry for not updating this until now. Been really busy and stuff. :( Well, anyway, I have finally managed to get myself......A Kaos trap! Finally! I got myself that very rare trap and used it to capture Kaos and beat the main storyline! Yes!!! Oh and I also got for myself Breeze, Stump Smash series 1 and Enigma. :D Can't wait to find out what the title of Skylanders 5 will be. :)

6/29/2015: Hi guys. ^^ I got 3 additional Skylanders to my collection now. They are Bat Spin, Chopper and Fist Bump. I tried to find Blackout at Ebay too, but he was just so rare. DX Maybe I'll have better luck finding him at Ebay.

8/18/2015: Wow! Never though I get some extra Skylanders before Super Chargers is released, but I did it. I now have to the collection Free Ranger (from Swap Force) and Elite Stealth Elf. Yay!!! I'm gonna have my eldest sister get for me Blackout for my birthday. :) (Smile) Have a great day everyone. ^^

8/25/2016: Heh heh, It's been a little over a year since I last updated this pic. ^^; But with Imaginators coming soon, I thought I might tell you guys all of the skylanders for Superchargers I managed to collect until now. I ended up getting Blackout, Dark Spitfire, Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong, Hammer Slam Bowser, Super Shot Stealth Elf, Deep Dive Gill grunt, Series 2 Lightning Rod, Storm Blade, Nightfall, Big Bubble Pop Fizz, Splat, Fiesta, Normal Turbo Charge Donkey Kong, Shark Shooter Terrafin, Terrabite, Bop, Bone Bash Rollerbrawl, Series 2 wrecking ball, Double Dare Trigger Happy, Regular Spitfire, Knockout Terrafin, Turbo Jet Vac and Lava Lance Eruptor. I also managed to get the vheicles 
Dark Hot Streak, Dark Barrel Blaster, Clown Crusier, Reef Ripper, Stealth Stinger, Sky Slicer, Sea Shadow, Regular Barrel Blaster, Gold Rusher and Tomb Buggy. :) (I also ended up getting Elite Ghost Roaster, Elite Voodood, Elite Dino Rang, The Sea Trophy, The Sky Trophy, The land Trophy and Kaos Trophy but I forgot to include them in the pic and there was no room for them, Sorry. :() Maybe if I somehow get some skylanders before the release of Super Chargers, I'll update the pic with them and the elites. :) Have a great day everyone. ^^

10/22/2016: Well, this is going to be the last time I'll update this pic until Skylanders 7 is announced. (maybe) I got some neat Skylanders in this update. (a lot fo them from my birthday too.) :D I managed to get Bouncer, Series 1 Zook, Series 1 Drill seargent, Lava Barf Eruptor, Drobit, Trigger Snappy, Smash Hit, Burn Cycle and Sun Runner. They're all just so cool! ^^ I hope you will all enjoy my update everyone. ^^ (Heh, I was so tired last night that I forgot to add Hyper beam prism break, sorry. ^^;)



Hey, long time no see everyone. As much as I hate to interfer into other Deviant users lives, this user:… has made a very rude pic of Crystal the dragon being torchered by Princess Twilight Sparkle while her best friends Samuel and Maggie look in horror.:… :iconboogeyboy1: really wants him to be banned. But for me, I only want him banned if he goes too far and makes the same horrible pics for everyone else. This guy needs to be straightened out and musyt be told he can't do this to fellow Deviant users. Ugh....I'm feeling a bit sad right now. I need to be cheered up. :cry:
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What I love to do: Video Games, Drawing, Cats, Dogs, Reading books

Favorite Video game pairings (pairings I will happily draw for you.):

For Spyro: :iconspyroplz:x:iconcynderplz:, :iconskylanderspyroplz:x:iconskylandercynderplz:, :iconflamethedragonplz:x:iconemberthedragonplz:, ZapxWhirlwind, HunterxBianca :iconskylanderspyroplz:x:iconsprocketplz:, :iconskylandercynderplz:x:iconignitorplz:

For Pokemon: :iconpikachuplz:x:iconeeveeplz: (:iconpikachuplz:x:iconbunearyplz:) :iconskittyplz:x:iconpiplupplz: :icontorchic-plz:x:iconpiplupplz: :iconcyndaquilplz:x:icontorchic-plz: :iconchikoritaplz:x:iconbulbasaurplz: :iconoshawottplz:x:iconsquirtleplz: SnivyxTreecko RedxLeaf GoldxKris SilverxSoul RubyxSapphire HikarixJun DarkraixAlice BlackxWhite PoochyenaxHoundour

Favorite Pokemon: Eevee, Pikachu, Skitty, Piplup, Torchic, Chikorita, Oshawatt, Snivy, Pachirisu, Dusknoir, Darkrai, Riolu, Zorua, Vulpix, Audino, Charmander, Miccino, Azurill, Emolga, Poochyena, Houndour, Slugma, Axew, Mew, Manaphy

Favorite Digimon: Salamon, Patamon, Gatomon, Gabumon, Kotemon, Renamon, Lopmon, Gaomon, Terriermon, Dorumon, Labramon, Impmon, Kudamon, Biyomon, Gomamon, Palmon, Wormmon, Cutemon

For Super Smash bros: MarioxPeach SnakexSamus SamusxPikachu KirbyxJigglypuff PopoxNana LinkxZelda

For Digimon: PataSala (PataGato) GabuBiyo AguPal TaKari HawkBiyo MattSora

For Mario: MarioxPeach LuigixDaisy WarioxMona YoshixBirdo ToadxToadette

For Kirby: :iconkirbyplz:x:iconribbon64plz: :iconmetaknightplz:x:icontiffplz:

Video Game pairings I'm ok with: (I may draw them if you ask nicely)

For Spyro: :iconoldspyroplz:x:iconeloraplz: EmberxBandit CynderxCamo RedxEvil Cynder MaleforxEvil Cynder

For Pokemon: KrisxSilver LucasxDawn BlackxBianca WhitexCheren LeafxBlue

For Super Smash bros: LinkxPeach MarthxPeach RoyxZelda IkexZelda Meta KnightxJigglypuff PikachuxJigglypuff NanaxKing Dedede

For Digimon: WizaxGato TaixSora GaoxSala AguxBiyo GuilxRena ImpxRena

May edit every now and then

Favourite genre of music: Video game music
Favourite style of art: My own drawings
Personal Quote: It doesn't matter if my art isn't that great, as long as I have friends to support me.

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